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Our canvas stretching service is always carried out in house by professionals to ensure the highest possible finish. Our team of craftsmen offers high-quality canvas stretching service including extra large formats.

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Canvas Stretching - Artefact London Our London based team of craftsmen offer a high-quality canvas stretching service. Using high-standard artistic stretchers, we are able to offer canvas stretching for both standard and non-standard sized canvases. For extra large formats, we also offer this service along with a supporting crossbar structure to provide extra security. In addition to traditional canvas stretching we provide stretching for various kinds of textiles and re-stretching of canvases onto an existing or new stretchers.

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Measurements - Artefact Picture Framers


While measuring the canvas it is important to check the width, the depth as well as the diagonals. An unsquared image might add to the challenge, but our experienced team will make sure the artwork is presented to the best possible standard.
Canvases & Textiles - Artefact Picture Framers

Canvases & Textiles

We have extensive experience in the stretching of paintings, digital prints on canvas and various types of textiles, (e.g. embroideries, silk scarves, flags or rugs). No challenge is too great.

Re-stretching of the canvas - Artefact Picture Framers

Re-stretching of the canvas

It may be that your picture requires re-stretching due to being rolled for transportation, or the old stretcher needs replacement. Artefact offers a re-stretching service which can solve all of these problems, so you can now fully enjoy your artwork.
Canvas Framing - Artefact Picture Framers

Canvas Framing

A properly stretched canvas is often completed by a carefully selected frame. There are various ways of framing available, from traditional gilded mouldings to contemporary profiles and finishes.